Drach Caves.

In the picturesque town of Porto Cristo on eastern, we find one of Majorca’s more famous tourist attractions; The Caves of Drach. Spread over an area of over 2000 meters, you find a work of art formed by nature and the passage of time, with spectacular rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, and one of the largest underground lakes in the world.

The cave was discovered in the Middle Ages, and is mentioned by Jules Verne in his book “Clovis Dartetor”. The caves began to be charted in 1880, and in 1935 the Catalan engineer C Buigas introduced his lights installation to illuminate the insides of the caves. The most impressive part of the light installation you find at the vast underground lake, where play of light imitates a sunrise.

The area where the caves are found is estimated to be dated until the Miocene period. The strange formations in the cave’s interior have been formed by water slowly seeping through the cracks and stone, which is largely composed of calcium carbonate. The water has drained different types of minerals from the surface, and this allows visitors in the cave to appreciate a variety of shades of the interesting formations.

The formations that hang from the ceiling are called stalactites, those who seem to grow from the ground up are called stalagmites. They grow about 1 inch per 100 years, so what you see here has really taken some time to build up. Therefore it is especially important that you respect the rules, and do not touch the fragile rock formations.

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