Welcome to Restaurant Rocamar

A landmark restaurant with a rich tradition in the port of Andratx (Mallorca), Rocamar has been extensively remodeled and redesigned using a completely innovative concept. Fresh air was breathed into Rocamar, transforming it into a seaside gastropub.

A completely unique place where the guests and the sea are the only actors of the stage. Here, you won’t only enjoy the best dishes of the season, you will experience incredible and memorable moments.

A brief history

Rocamar opened for business in 1979. It quickly became a landmark in excellent cuisine in the port of Andratx. The restaurant has the unique privilege of being located on the seafront promenade and its seafood specialties have been drawing tourists and local residents alike for years. However, we can’t forget to mention our meat dishes, Mallorcan specialties, amazing deserts, and a choice selection of wines.

A balcony with a view of the port

Rocamar is located at the far end of the seafront promenade. From this privileged vantage, a guest sitting in the outdoor patio feels like he’s on a boat out in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. And just in front of him is a wonderful view of one of the most spectacular natural ports on Mallorca: the port of Andratx.